Laboratory of Life

The Insanely Interesting Science Born Of A Head Injury

The Laboratory of Life celebrates the origins of the study of A-Life.

In the 70's, mathematician John Horton Conway painstakingly developed a unique implementation of cellular automata while working at the University of Cambridge. This invention was the famous game of 'Life'.

Conway took several years to select his rules with great care to avoid two extremes: patterns that grow too quickly without limit and patterns where many would fade away. By striking a delicate balance he constructed a model of surprising unpredictability and one that produced an incredible variety of activity. If you do it right, you created a stable balance of life. If you don't your lifeforms go extinct.

The game of Life was first presented to the general public in a series of articles submitted to Martin Gardner's Mathematical Recreations columns within the magazine 'Scientific American'.

Laboratory of Life brings those rules to the PC in a game format. You can experiment to find stable arrays while the scoring tool allows you to rank your life building skills against yourself or other people. A variety of screen styles is provided to keep Lab o' Life visually interesting.


Format: Windows 9x/NT/Win2000
Publisher/Developer Accursed Toys
File Size: 0.3 MB
Download at 28.8K: ~ 5 min.
Date Posted: 23 April 1997
at Accursed Toys
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    System Requirements:

  • PC capable of running Windows 9x/ME/Win2000/NT40
  • Windows 9x/ME/Win2000/NT40
  • A sound card that can play wave files.
  • A sound card that can play midi files.
  • A video card capable of 640 x 480 x 256 color graphics.
  • A mouse.
  • 600k of disk space. More for each life grid.

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